Hotel Management System VB.NET

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Front End : Visual Basic .NET

Back End : Microsoft Access (.mdb)


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Front End : Visual Basic .NET

Back End : Microsoft Access (.mdb)


Please Read Carefully.

The project only works with Visual Studio 2008.

If you have newer version DO NOT UPGRADE project.

Download 2008 version.


Login Details: Username : hospital password : user

Move database file to D:/jc/hm.db

You are ready to go.

if you have x64 bit architecture you might receive this error : “microsoft.oledb.12.0 provider not registered”

to resolve Open Visual Studio –>Build[Menu]–>Configuration Manager –>Select x86 architecture . Done!

or Download this and install

Done You are ready to Go…

If you receive other error ,we are here to help you.

Please drop us email with error description and screenshot at . You’ll receive help in 24 hours.

[NOTE : Email without screenshot and description are neglected.]


Please refer our refund policy. in case of questions,queries,complaints,suggestions regarding to the projects kindly Contact us.


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