Let’s diagnose your hacked site now.

We’ll  find the problem and find a way to fix it so that you can go back to making money again.

It’s highly likely that you here because of one or more of these symptoms.

Don’t worry. We’re always here to get your site back.

Google Search Console Sends A Message Saying Your Website Is Hacked Or Has Malware

If a major part of your business is SEO-driven, then you are no stranger to the Google Search Console. If Google detects malicious content on your WordPress hacked site, it will send you a message, if you received any message regarding this. There is need of immidiate action.

Browser Shows A Warning When Visiting Your Website

A notification like this can instantly destroy your reputation and traffic. For WooCommerce sites, it can end your business completely.

Website Becomes Very Slow

If you are NOT sure , You can use Google’s official Page speed checking tool & enter your site URL . You can see site speed. If it’s NOT green , then it is required to work on it.

Ads & Pop-Ups Open When Visiting Your Website

If you noticed some ads and pop-ups that you didn’t put up yourself, then you need help right now. Most ads and pop-ups come from SQL injection attacks. So, if you’re seeing unauthorized ads and pop-ups, you need to clean up your database.

Your Hosting Company Suspended / Disabled Your Website


  • Excessive usage of CPU resources
  • Blacklisted domains on Google, Norton Safe Web, Spamhaus, etc
  • Spam emails sent out in bulk

Emails Are Sent To The Spam Folder

Hackers use Hacked wordpress sites to sent tons of spam mails daily to users around the world & this causes server IP black list by mail providers.


If your site is hacked , You need to consider the expert to fix that site as soon as possible. If you are not expert , don’t do it yourself ( DIY). Meantime Google might blacklist your domain. & once black listed, there is no use of domain. So contact us & we will fix your site.